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Kid-Eco Teepee

Kid-Eco Teepee

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The Kid-Eco Cardboard Teepee is a fantastic resource to encourage role-play and stimulate your childs imagination. 

Your young braves and squaws can decorate both inside and out, before sitting down to pow-wow!


Crafted using rigid double-walled cardboard, creating a robust finished product that is guaranteed to last.

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Flat Pack Size: 91 x 70 x 4.5cm
Assembled Size: 125 x 110 x 160cm
Weight per unit: 4 kg

Care Instructions

Our cardboard play houses are designed primarily for indoor use but are suitable for outside use in dry calm conditions. The cardboard play houses should be stored in a dry place. They should be kept away from fire or any naked flame. Adult supervision is required at all times. These cardboard playhouses should be inspected regularly before, during and after use for any signs of damage which could cause potential injury.

Kid-Eco products conform to the 2009/48/EC safety directive

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