The Kid-Eco Story...

The Kid-Eco Story...

Welcome to our very first blog post! We are so excited to bring you on our eco journey with us. We will be uploading regular blogs to keep you informed on the latest news at Kid-Eco! Some of you may be new to Kid-Eco, so let me take it back to where it all began...

After watching my younger brother open his Christmas presents and discarding each toy for the next gift, I quickly noticed that most of his interest was in the cardboard boxes and packaging that the toys came in, rather than the toy itself.

He then proceeded to sit and play with the boxes, climbing in them and using them as a den. I was stunned that something so simple could produce hours of fun! I had an idea to assemble the boxes and fasten them together with cello tape, creating a larger space for him to play in. As I expected, he loved it! He spent hours playing and crawling around in the make shift structure when it occurred to me that every kid would surely love their very own den! I started thinking of a number of designs that could be created using cardboard, the first being a cardboard rocket, which to date is our best seller!

I decided to put pen to paper, drawing up designs and jotting down ideas of various playhouses, and just like that, Kid-Eco was born!

I created a number of different designs, ordering countless samples from box manufacturers who were often left a little confused over the idea of a "cardboard playhouse". The designs were eventually narrowed down to our core 4 products, our iconic rocket, igloo, castle and playhouse.

After a lot of positive feedback from family, friends and most importantly, my brother, I decided it was time to share my creations with the millions of kids nationwide! Initially we sold to schools, nurseries and playgroups who all loved the playhouses which spurred me on to showcase our products to anyone and everyone! 

We eventually took the plunge and secured our very own unit and began manufacturing every playhouse we sell, making sure each playhouse is perfect and made with care.

Fast forward 14 years and we're still here, creating thousands of playhouses for children across the UK every year and we have no plans to stop anytime soon! We now have over 20 different designs and you can find us in most major online retailers including The Range, Wayfair, Not On The High Street, Amazon and more!

I am always overwhelmed to see how far we have come and the continued support from our loyal customers is amazing! Keep an eye out for our next blog as we have some very exciting news on the way....stay tuned!

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