Our Mission

Kid-Eco strives to offer a sustainable solution to play time for children across the country, without the use of harmful plastics found in the majority of toys worldwide.

For the last 15 years, we have been successfully producing a fantastic range of innovative, highly interactive, safe and affordable cardboard playhouses; designed and manufactured in the UK from biodegradable recycled corrugated cardboard.

Our playhouses are great for imaginative self-decoration and role play, being tremendously popular with schools and childcare providers, as well as at home, parties and other special occasions or events.

Kid-Eco playhouses are predominantly suitable for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) activities as well as Key Stages 1 & 2 Arts and Crafts.

All kid-Eco playhouses fold flat for storage between use and are both recyclable and bio-degradable.

We regularly run competitions in recognition of your little ones efforts and host the Kid-Eco Gallery so that they can see their endeavours online and be inspired by what others are creating. We frequently award prizes for photos sent into the gallery and list winners on our social media pages!

- Safety -

We use double walled corrugated cardboard for our range of child's playhouses, which is light and flexible, so reducing the likelihood of bruises and breakages from bashes and bangs as the playhouses simply tend to flex or move out of the way, as opposed to wood or plastic which tend to be solid and unforgiving in comparison. In the most boisterous of play, one should expect these toys to move rather than bruise.

Whenever one considers paper products it is sensible to consider the risk of paper cuts, which can be as prevalent for cardboard as for paper. We have many years of experience in manufacturing from cardboard and on all our products we have specifically applied an industry standard profiled safety edge. Not only do we apply this on the visible play-exposed images of the assembled toy, we also apply this edge to all the cut edges on the playhouses and toys where we can get them. Although this adds extra cost to the tooling and increases the manufacturing time for every toy, it is our opinion that safety is absolutely paramount around children and we try to plan for the unexpected.

All our toys have been thoroughly tested in supervised playgroup environments to ensure that there are no safety issues or nasty surprises and to get feedback on how our playhouses can be improved in any way. You can be assured that by the time they reach the market they have undergone many rigours of real life testing and have received favourable reports in Ofsted regulated environments.

Our products conform to the 88/378/EEC safety directive and have been designed and manufactured to the following specifications:

BS EN 71 - 1:1998 - Safety of toys - Physical & Mechanical properties
BS EN 71 - 2:1994 - Safety of toys - Flammability